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August 2015 Archives

Ashley Madison breach could lead many to divorce

Virtually everyone who follows any form of news media is aware of the recent hack of the Ashley Madison website. While plenty of Florida spouses had never heard of the company prior to the hack, most are now aware that Ashley Madison was created as a platform through which married spouses could search for partners for extramarital relationships. A group known as The Impact Team was able to gain access to the company's files, and has released identifying information for the site's nearly 39 million users. That information is likely to lead to a great many divorce filings, as spouses learn of their partners' involvement in the world of online cheating.

Will taking a new job impact your alimony payment?

One of the most important aspects of any divorce is the shifts in financial standing that will take place as spouses move from married to single. In fact, aside from issues of child custody, the financial side of divorce is the top concern for most Florida residents. For spouses who expect to receive alimony and/or child support as part of their settlement, understanding how those payments are calculated is a priority and can also be a challenge.

Self care during and after a Florida divorce

For many Florida spouses, going through a divorce will be one of the most emotionally challenging experiences of their lives. It is unfortunate that at the same time that a spouse is coming to terms with the end of his or her marriage, a multitude of other issues must be addressed. In order to achieve the best possible divorce settlement, spouses must be able to set aside their emotional response to the divorce and focus on the tasks at hand.

Brush up on credit during and after divorce

Moving through a divorce, most Florida spouses will spend a significant portion of time and effort on the financial aspects of the end of their union. Some will feel confident that the results of their property division agreement will lead to financial stability for the years to come. Few, however, will give proper consideration to the importance of having solid credit during and after a divorce.

Getting divorced does not mean your marriage failed

Many people like to associate the term "failed marriage" with divorce. This term leaves many people feeling shameful or guilty about choosing divorce rather than go on in an unhealthy marriage. By saying a marriage failed, we suggest that those involved in the marriage are failures themselves.

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