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March 2016 Archives

After a fathers' rights victory, settle into a routine

Struggling over the case and custody of a shared child is not an enjoyable experience. For those Florida dads who are fortunate enough to have their fathers' rights upheld by the courts, settling into a new parenting routine can be a new type of challenge, although a far less stressful one. The following tips are offered to assist dads as they begin to create new routines for the time they spend with their kids.

How to discuss divorce with children of any age

Parents who decide to end their marriage have never reached that decision lightly. They are aware that the choice to part ways will have an impact on their kids, and they often dread having to have the "divorce talk" with their children. The following information is provided in the hopes of helping Florida parents know how to approach the topic with their kids, regardless of their age.

The role of kindness in family law issues

Once a Florida resident is ready to move beyond a broken marriage, he or she is often eager to get on with the process of divorce. The other spouse is not always so eager to embrace the changes that come with divorce, especially if the parties share children. It is important that both spouses conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful and kind toward each other, even if that means slowing down the process of addressing various family law issues.

Bill could change one state's arcane divorce law

From time to time, Florida residents will hear or read about a law that was put into place many years ago and is no longer relevant, but that remains in effect. One southern state is currently considering legislation that would change one such law that pertains to divorce. The issue sheds light on the slow pace of change when it comes to legislation and the application of existing law.

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