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October 2016 Archives

Fathers' rights: importance of a custody order

When an unmarried couple breaks up, the parties often fail to go through the steps to obtain a child custody order. Many times, they feel that they can handle sharing custody obligations and responsibilities by themselves, without the involvement of the court. However, in many cases, the relationship deteriorates, which can leave one party at a distinct disadvantage if the other chooses to wage a nasty custody fight. Paternity is not the only fathers' rights issue that Florida men must address -- it is also important to obtain a custody order.

A look at research on divorce and retirement

A great deal of social science research focuses on family structure. In terms of marriage and divorce, researchers have compiled an astounding amount of data on how Americans both create and deconstruct their family units. For those in Florida who are preparing to divorce and are also nearing retirement age, understanding these statistics can underscore the importance of making wise financial decisions during the divorce process.

Tips for Florida parents on how to talk to kids about divorce

For parents, one of the worst aspects of a failed marriage is having to sit down with their kids and explain that their lives are about to change. However, Florida parents should know that with the right degree of preparation and effort, it is possible to have those discussions in a way that is positive and healthy for all involved. Above all else, kids should be reassured that they are loved, and that they will always have the love and support of both parents even after a divorce.

Remaining business partners after divorce

For many Florida families, personal lives and professional undertakings are entwined in the form of a family business. When a divorce is underway, many spouses are concerned about how to maintain their business connections while unraveling their family bonds. It's possible to continue a partnership after divorce, but it requires a significant input of time and effort.

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