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Dividing Large, Complex Marital Estates In Divorce

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For couples who own significant assets and have a high net worth, the property division aspect of divorce can be extremely challenging. Not every lawyer is up to the task. If you are seeking an attorney who understands high-asset property division, contact Rebekah Brown-Wiseman. She has successfully represented divorce clients with marital assets worth millions of dollars.

A Step-By-Step Analysis Of Your Situation

Complex laws regarding taxation and finance must be considered when high-asset couples decide to divorce. Ms. Brown-Wiseman works diligently to identify, evaluate and equitably divide all types of assets, including:

  • Investments
  • 401(k), pension and retirement plans
  • Businesses
  • Artwork, cars, boats, antiques and other collections
  • Stock options
  • Real estate
  • Intellectual property
  • Accounts billable
  • Commissions earned but not paid during the marriage
  • Other financial accounts

Follow The Money

Ms. Brown-Wiseman works closely with forensic accountants and other experts to track down all marital assets, including assets your spouse may be attempting to hide. She retains respected professionals and evaluators to assess the marital value of a business. We work to unravel the complexity of business relationships and assets to reach an accurate value to be used in property division. Attorney Brown-Wiseman uses her years of experience in divorce cases to help clients obtain the assets and property they deserve after the dissolution of a marriage. Her paralegal has over 20 years of experience conducting in-depth research and analysis to determine the marital or nonmarital nature and value of each asset.

Your financial future often depends on your divorce attorney’s knowledge, skill and experience. Don’t risk choosing the wrong lawyer. Contact Rebekah Brown-Wiseman by calling 954-563-1331 and schedule an appointment to meet in Fort Lauderdale.

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