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The firm of Rebekah Brown-Wiseman handles 100 percent family law cases and is experienced in the full spectrum of dissolution of marriage matters.

  • High-Asset Property Division: Complex trusts, business assets, invaluable items, real property can create a myriad of legal divorce issues. Attorney Rebekah Brown-Wiseman will work to keep your personal information from becoming public record in the court system, find and sort through all assets and work with expert forensic accountants and appraisers and other professionals to protect your interests.
  • Property Division: The firm determines whether an asset or liability is marital or nonmarital, evaluates fair market values, conducts research and gathers evidence when necessary to support your case and then discusses property distribution scenarios with you.
  • Child Custody: Attorney Brown-Wiseman works with you to prepare a proposed parenting plan covering aspects of a child custody timeshare schedule, parental responsibility (decision-making), transportation provisions, and other aspects such as first right of refusal (the right to spend time with your child if the other parent is not available for a designated amount of time). Whenever possible we work with you to amicably settle your case to maintain a positive co-parenting relationship. When trial litigation is necessary, see below for high-conflict child custody.
  • High-Conflict Child Custody: Florida’s child custody statute requires consideration of each individual child’s developmental needs and the parent’s ability to meet these needs. Ms. Brown-Wiseman has experience in social work that provides her with superior knowledge to litigate issues of child development and family systems in highly contested child custody cases.
  • Collaborative Divorce: Avoid expensive and hostile litigation and instead hire a collaborative attorney to amicably work as part of a team to resolve your divorce issues in a constructive manner.
  • Relocation: Relocation pursuant to Florida statute is a move of 50 miles or more with a child. The Florida Rules in this area are stringent with severe consequences. The use of an attorney intrinsically familiar with this area of the law is essential.
  • Modification of Custody: For a modification of child custody, Florida requires that there must be a substantial unanticipated change of circumstances from the date of the final judgment or subsequent court order to merit a modification. There is ample case law that the lawyer will discuss with you to explain the burden of proving a “substantial” and “unanticipated” change to litigate or prevent a modification.
  • Alimony in Initial Divorce Cases: Several factors are considered to determine whether an award of alimony should be granted such as the length of the marriage, each party’s financial earning capacity, and the parties’ contribution toward the marriage and/or children. When necessary, Ms. Brown-Wiseman uses a team approach and works with vocational evaluators to demonstrate a party’s ability to earn an income if they are not working outside of the house or if they are underemployed.
  • Modification of Alimony: Alimony can be modified if a change of circumstances merits such modification. Remarriage, if a receiving spouse enters into a supportive relationship with another individual or has an increase in earning capacity are all grounds to modify or terminate an alimony judgment.”
  • Business Evaluations: There are different methods to evaluate a business which can result in sometimes exceptionally different financial values. Ms. Brown-Wiseman is familiar with the different business evaluation methods, can litigate in favor of using a particular method, and defend as to why another method may be improper for a particular case. Attorney Brown-Wiseman maintains close relationships with forensic accountants to foster a team approach.
  • Uncontested Divorce: If you meet a list of criteria such as that you have no minor children, have already worked out how to divide your assets and liabilities and no one is seeking alimony, you can avoid making your financial information and marital settlement agreement public information and can fast track your case to a final judgment.
  • Military Divorce: Military divorce cases have unique issues such as benefits to military spouses, dividing military pensions and in some cases managing child custody issues with a traveling military parent.
  • Rights of Out-Of-State Parents: Even if you reside in a different state than your children, child custody timeshare schedules can be created to provide you with, for example, a long weekend each month, spring break, winter break, Thanksgiving and the entire or majority of the summer break to make up for lost time when your children need to attend school.
  • Divorce Journals: Documenting and remembering information is an essential component of contested divorce trials. Be prepared, write a journal and learn the Florida law rules about how to write a journal that will permit you to read it during your trial in the event that you cannot recall the details of a particular event.

If you are seeking a divorce lawyer who knows how to get results and is sensitive to your emotional needs during this difficult time, contact the Law Office of Rebekah Brown-Wiseman, P.A. or call 954-563-1331. Attorney Brown-Wiseman provides effective representation in divorce and related issues to clients throughout Broward County and Palm Beach County from her office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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