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January 2015 Archives

Facebook enjoys spotlight in more than 30 percent of divorce proceedings

Since their emergence onto the Internet scene in the mid-2000s, social media websites have skyrocketed in both popularity and membership. Research conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that, as of January 2014, 74 percent of adults who use the Internet also have at least one social media account. Facebook is by far the most popular site among these users with more than 71 percent having an account with the global social media giant as of September 2014.

A closer look at child support enforcement

In cases where parents are separated or divorced, matters related to child support can be complicated. On the one hand, some parents don't receive the child support they deserve and depend on from a former partner or spouse. At the same time, child support payees may believe that their child support obligations are too high or may struggle to make monthly payments after losing a job.

Why are Americans getting divorced?

Any close relationship between two people takes time to foster and sustain. This is especially true of relationships between spouses who may grow complacent in a marriage and fail to take the time or put in the effort to address their own needs or those of a spouse. Add in outside stressors like children, careers and financial difficulties and it's easy to understand why so many marriages end in divorce.

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