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November 2015 Archives

Man will not be forced into child custody battle

In a recent landmark ruling, a West Coast judge has ordered that the embryos created by a couple who are now divorced will be destroyed. The decision is one that has been anticipated for some time, as the issue has arisen in states across the nation. When a couple ends their relationship but has created the earliest beginnings of a shared child, the courts are tasked with determining how to proceed. The case is of interest to many in Florida who have completed or are considering fertility treatments, but are concerned about a child custody battle over unborn children.

How to prepare for post-divorce grief

No one enters into a marriage with the ability to see whether that union will end in divorce or with the death of one spouse after decades of happiness. In the same manner, no spouses are able to predict how they will react to divorce once the ink has dried and the papers have all been filed. For many, periods of grief follow the ends of Florida marriages, and this is a perfectly normal reaction to the close of a chapter in an individual's life. For many, the best way to ease the grief is to take the appropriate preventative steps during the divorce itself.

Addressing the family home during property division

When a Florida couple begins the divorce process, one of the primary areas of focus is how to divide marital wealth. For spouses who own a home, that investment is often the most significant asset at play during the property division process. Handling the family home is a divorce issue that can have lasting negative ramifications for both spouses, if not handled properly.

Social media can lead to family law issues

The impact that social media now has on interpersonal relationships is nothing short of astounding. People can now keep in touch with extended family, catch up with old friends, and even track down an old high school love interest; all from the comfort of their own homes. Never before has it been easier for Florida residents to reconnect with people or to branch out and make new friends and acquaintances. That said, social media also affords a number of opportunities to create family law issues, many of which can have unwelcome consequences.

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