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October 2015 Archives

Child custody dispute leads to mother's arrest

A lengthy and bitter custody battle has left one mother in police custody in Florida while her two teenage girls remain missing. The child custody case centers on an accusation of parental alienation, which has become a highly contested term in several recent court cases. As of the time of this report, two teenage girls remain unaccounted for, and their mother is jailed and facing serious criminal charges related to their whereabouts.

Grandmother makes risky choice in child custody fight

When a parent or guardian feels that their child is in danger, it can be difficult to make rational choices. Most people In Florida and across the nation want to take immediate action in order to chart a course and begin moving forward in resolving the problem. In some cases, however, the action that is chosen is one that can further complicate a child custody matter. Such may be the case for a grandmother who has taken her grandchildren across state lines and into a Native American reservation.

When couples settle, their property division remains private

For many Florida couples who have amassed a high level of wealth, privacy is a very important concern. This is especially true during divorce, when a number of personal and financial details are brought into the light. The best way for any couple to maintain a high level of privacy is to reach a settlement agreement. By working out property division, child custody and other matters outside of court, the details of those arrangements are kept out of the public view.

Prenup prep: Second marriages more likely to end in divorce

When it comes to issues of love and marriage, many people are far wiser the second time around. Having gone through failed marriages and divorce, plenty of Florida spouses feel confident that they can put the lessons learned to good use in their next serious relationships. That said, statistics suggest that second marriages have a high rate of divorce. This should give individuals pause about tying the knot without some form of financial protection.

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