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September 2015 Archives

Fathers' rights win after fraudulent adoption

After a lengthy and difficult legal battle, a father has been reunited with his daughter, and he is working to establish a bond with the child he temporarily lost due to a wrongful adoption. The case has garnered headlines in Florida and across the nation, and it is being heralded as a significant fathers' rights victory. His story also serves as a warning to unmarried men who have not legally established their paternal rights.

Flexibility is a key component within a mediated divorce

For couples who are seeking an amicable and efficient means of ending their marriage, mediation may offer a good solution. A mediated divorce can bring a number of benefits to Florida couples, but one of the most impactful is the high degree of flexibility that can be employed within the mediation process. Couples who take this approach will have the ability to focus their efforts on reaching solutions, rather than winning battles.

Judge refuses to grant couple's divorce

Most Florida readers are aware that a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling has served to legitimize same-sex marriage across the nation. The landmark case has led to a great deal of debate, and has given many couples a reason to celebrate. That said, there have been negative outcomes associated with the ruling, some of which have affected individuals who have no stake in the topic of same-sex marriage. An example is found in one judge's refusal to issue a divorce to a heterosexual couple, based on the Supreme Court case regarding gay marriage.

Judge allows Facebook as evidence in child custody case

More and more people in Florida and across the nation are using social media to connect with friends and family, and to share details about their lives with others. For some, the information posted on these platforms will come back to haunt them. This is especially true in cases of divorce and child custody, which often brings out the worst in people. A recent court case exemplifies the manner in which one's online life can be dragged into the middle of a legal dispute.

Judge finds that extortion led to property division settlement

Many in Florida are familiar with the career of Terrence Howard, star of the hit television series "Empire" aired by Fox. The actor went through a difficult divorce that was completed in 2012 when he signed a settlement agreement with his former wife. The result of that property division agreement was very favorable toward Howard's ex-wife. That, according to Howard's attorneys, was the result of extortion and coercion during the negotiation process.

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