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July 2016 Archives

Why life insurance can be a crucial component of divorce

Many Florida spouses expect to receive spousal support from their former partner. They anticipate having this additional source of income to help cover monthly living expenses, set aside savings and generally provide a financial cushion for the years that follow the end of the marriage. However very few consider the role the life insurance plays in the divorce process. Life insurance is something most people think about in terms of providing financial security for those they love, but it can be just as important between former partners who no longer hold each other in such regard.

It is wise to have a plan for addressing debt during divorce

Most Florida residents know that a big part of the end of a marriage involves dividing marital assets. However, fewer people think about the role that debt will play in a divorce. Debt is also subject to division when a couple separates, and taking a proactive approach to dividing debt can help a couple save a great deal of time, money and stress.

Curt Cobain's daughter in property division struggle

Many Florida fans of alternative music recall the MTV Unplugged performance in which Kurt Cobain and the rest of the band Nirvana played an acoustic version of many of their songs, as well as several covers. Cobain committed suicide just months after that performance, and the guitar that he played on Unplugged was passed down to his wife and daughter. Frances Bean Cobain, now 23 years of age, is currently struggling with her husband over her father's guitar, which is at the center of a property division debate.

New Florida adoption law focuses on best interest of children

It seems to be human nature to want to protect children from harm, especially when those children are particularly vulnerable. Because adoption hearings are held privately, people in Florida may have taken for granted that the law was looking out for children. However, every year more than a dozen children have been adopted by people whose parental abilities were questioned by child advocates. Those advocates are now rejoicing that a new law may provide more protection for children whose futures are uncertain.

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