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December 2015 Archives

Perhaps divorce does not have negative health effects

A great deal of social science is focused on interpersonal relationships, especially matters of marriage and divorce. Researchers in Florida and elsewhere have conducted numerous studies concerning how one's marital status can affect the rest of an individual's life, and many conclusions about marriage and divorce have been made and embraced as truth. It is important to acknowledge, however, that our understanding of the world is always in flux, and that today's science can easily change yesterday's conclusions.

Millionaire couple fighting over divorce venue

For most Florida residents, the venue in which their divorce will take place is not an issue of contention. That said, there are cases in which a couple's residence is not so cut and dried. In these instances, there is often a choice of jurisdiction, and one venue may be far more advantageous to a spouse than another. Such is the case for one wealthy couple who are at odds over where their divorce case should be heard.

Pet support case has interesting family law question

Virtually all Florida residents are familiar with spousal support, where one spouse makes payments to the other spouse to provide financial assistance after a divorce. Formerly known as alimony, spousal support has become far less common than in years past. Today's spousal support is often a lesser amount and for a shorter duration than was the norm for previous generations. One unusual celebrity case takes a different approach on this type of family law support payment.

The fastest way to complicate a Florida divorce

People who are placed under a great deal of stress will react in unusual and unpredictable ways. Divorce has been likened to death in regard to the impact that it can have on a spouse. In some cases, Florida residents who are faced with divorce will make choices that will have a negative impact on their divorce, sometimes without even realizing how their actions factor into the overall process.

Is it wise to postpone divorce until after the holidays?

As Christmas approaches, many Florida spouses are certain that the coming year will bring the formal end of their marriage. Even so, few will broach the subject with their partner over the holidays, choosing instead to postpone the matter until after the decorations have been stored and the presents put away. The urge to avoid discussing divorce during the holidays is understandable, but spouses should be prepared to move forward once the season has passed.

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