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August 2016 Archives

Working youth athletics into the parenting schedule

During the course of a Florida divorce, there is a seemingly endless list of topics that parents must address. It can be easy to overlook important items, especially those that do not specifically revolve around child support or the division of parenting time. Youth athletics is a perfect example of a topic that should, but often does not, make the list of negotiation points. Yet, for a child who is serious about pursuing a career or scholarship in athletics, discussing this issue should be part of the parenting schedule negotiations.

Handling retirement savings during a Florida divorce

For those Florida residents who are fortunate enough to have set money aside for retirement, handling the division of those assets could be a primary focus when their marriage comes to an end. Retirement investments are a complex topic within a divorce and require a careful and considered approach. Understanding the ramifications of various options is essential to a positive outcome.

Preparation for divorce is beneficial for the future

As Florida readers know, the end of a marriage can bring many difficult challenges, both financially and emotionally. While divorce is difficult, taking steps to properly prepare for it can make both the actual process and the post-divorce future easier to navigate. Additionally, it may also help individuals avoid unnecessary disputes and costly litigation.

This child custody case has outraged thousands

An incredibly controversial custody action has led to an outcry in Florida and across the nation for change in the way that Child Protective Services are used by police. The child custody case centers on a family with five children who recently lost their daughter while traveling across the country after visiting family. When they called police to report that their daughter was missing from their hotel room, their nightmare was magnified beyond what anyone might have expected.

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