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November 2014 Archives

Foster child adoption a rewarding experience for many

Many couples in Florida may consider adoption, but actually taking the step requires careful consideration and the willingness to make a life-long commitment. For couples who are unsure about whether adoption is the right choice for them, caring for a foster child may be a logical step toward making a decision. There are hundreds of children in foster care in Florida who yearn for a family to open their hearts and home to them, and some of those children may later become eligible for adoption.

Study points to correlation between spouses' ages and divorce

Growing up we all have memories that correspond strongly to cultural references which are unique to our generation. For example, an individual in his or her forties is likely to have very different memories and points of reference when it comes to music, movies, technology and national and world events.

Report indicates most states still favor mothers in child custody decisions

Few people would dispute that, barring acts of domestic violence, a child benefits the most when he or she is raised by both parents. Does or should divorce change the important role that each parent plays in a child life? According to the findings of a recent report by the National Parents' Organization, many states are failing when it comes to making child custody decisions that ensure a child has equal access to both his or her mother and father. 

In divorce, it's important to focus on the future

When an individual embarks on the road to divorce, the path that lies ahead is often full of many unexpected surprises. Even in cases where an individual wants a divorce, there are bound to be days when the process of untangling one's life from that of a soon-to-be ex-spouse is difficult and emotionally taxing. While the road to divorce is full of unexpected ups and downs, an individual can take measures to safeguard against experiencing the extreme lows that may otherwise cloud even the most reasonable and resolved individual's judgment.

Child custody matters require individualized approach

When a married couple makes the decision to end a marriage, the process of untangling two intertwined lives can be complicated and emotionally taxing. Individuals who are going through a divorce may feel overwhelmed by the process. It's important, therefore, to have an attorney who is compassionate and knowledgeable and who can provide advice and assist in the divorce settlement process.

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