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June 2016 Archives

Adoption reversal viewed as fathers' rights win

When multiple parties head to court over the care and custody of a child, the outcome is often heartbreaking for the side that does not win. This is especially true in cases where an adoption has taken place and is later challenged. By the time the matter is resolved, the adopting family is often completely bonded with the child, and having to hand over custody can be a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, there are multiple fathers' rights cases each year in Florida and other states where adoptions are challenged and reversed, and where a child moves suddenly from one household to the next.

A few tax considerations to think about during divorce

Every Florida resident knows that the end of a marriage will necessitate a division of marital wealth. Most people are also aware that there will be tax ramifications associated with various property division choices. Going into a divorce with a solid understanding of how taxes will impact each party's bottom line can make it easier to structure a property division that will retain the highest level of wealth for both sides.

Divorce can trigger grief process in children

No two children are exactly alike, and each child will process the end of his or her parents' marriage differently. For some in Florida, the transition from one household into two will be relatively easy, and everyone involved will adapt to the new family structure with little stress or turmoil. Other kids can have a difficult time dealing with the divorce and may go through the same stages of grief that accompany the loss of a loved one. Parents should be aware of the progression of those stages, so that they are able to support their kids throughout the process.

Allegations of domestic violence in Johnny Depp divorce case

Most Florida residents know actor Johnny Depp for his roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, among his many other roles over his long acting career. Depp has been in the headlines of late not for a new role, but over allegations that he has been physically violent toward his wife, actress and model Amber Heard. As is often the case, the statements put out by both sides differ, and it is far too soon to tell if those claims are based in truth. Depp and Heard are headed for divorce, and Depp claims that the allegations of abuse are part of Heard's plan to extract more money from the settlement.

Could this financial product help homeowners after a divorce?

A new type of mortgage is generating a great deal of buzz, both here and abroad. The financial product could assist Florida spouses who wish to retain their family home during a divorce. While the "divorce mortgage" is not currently available from most U.S. lenders, support for the loans could spurn American mortgage issuers to offer a similar product in the years to come.

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