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Allegations of domestic violence in Johnny Depp divorce case

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2016 | Divorce |

Most Florida residents know actor Johnny Depp for his roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, among his many other roles over his long acting career. Depp has been in the headlines of late not for a new role, but over allegations that he has been physically violent toward his wife, actress and model Amber Heard. As is often the case, the statements put out by both sides differ, and it is far too soon to tell if those claims are based in truth. Depp and Heard are headed for divorce, and Depp claims that the allegations of abuse are part of Heard’s plan to extract more money from the settlement.

The couple had an argument at one of their homes on May 21. Police were called to the scene by an unidentified third party. When police arrived, however, Heard made no mention of being physically harmed. The officers left without making note of any evidence of violence. Heard filed for divorce the following week, then approached the court days later to ask for a restraining order against Depp.

That request was granted, but the judge in the case refused to order Depp to pay temporary spousal support. Heard told the court that she has been subjected to numerous acts of domestic violence during the course of the couple’s 15 month marriage, as well as the time they spent together prior to getting married. She claims that during the most recent argument, Depp threw a cell phone at her, striking her in her face and causing bruises.

As this matter moves forward, the degree of additional information that becomes available will be determined by whether or not the parties are able to come to a settlement on their own. If they do reach a settlement, the details of their divorce could remain private. However, if the divorce continues to proceed through the courts, Florida readers may learn a great deal more about both Depp and Heard, and about their respective net worths.

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