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April 2015 Archives

Florida grandparents may soon be able to petition for visitation rights to grandchild

The Florida family courts contend that, in all child custody decisions, the best interests of a child are paramount. This assertion, however, is one with which many grandparents who have been denied access to a grandchild would likely take issue.

Hundreds of Florida foster children need permanent homes

Most Floridians would likely agree that parents provide the building blocks upon which a child learns, develops, grows and achieves in life. Additionally, having a strong and stable family structure helps provide the tools a child needs to succeed in school and, ultimately, in life. Given the significant role that parents and family play in most people's lives, it's especially heartbreaking to learn that, according to the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute; an estimated 397,000 U.S. children "are living without permanent families."

When will child support end and let you afford a real life again?

Your buddies invite you along on a golf trip, but you can't afford to go. Your deep-sea fishing boat breaks down, but you can't pay to get it repaired. You found a great deal on a used Harley-Davidson, but you can't put down enough cash to ride it off the lot.

Proof that the damage caused by a spouse’s Snapchat use doesn’t magically disappear

We recently wrote a blog post in which we discussed the prevalent role that Facebook is playing in both contributing to divorce and during divorce proceedings. Information gleaned from Facebook may tip an individual off to a spouse’s cheating or may provide clues that a spouse is hiding assets. Many people who use social media sites or apps fail to realize that their virtual and real lives do indeed intersect and, for some individuals, their social media activity can have significant consequences.

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