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Proof that the damage caused by a spouse’s Snapchat use doesn’t magically disappear

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2015 | Divorce |

We recently wrote a blog post in which we discussed the prevalent role that Facebook is playing in both contributing to divorce and during divorce proceedings. Information gleaned from Facebook may tip an individual off to a spouse’s cheating or may provide clues that a spouse is hiding assets. Many people who use social media sites or apps fail to realize that their virtual and real lives do indeed intersect and, for some individuals, their social media activity can have significant consequences.

There is no closing the Pandora’s Box that is social media and today another major player known as Snapchat has quickly grown to include more than 100 million users. For users of the social app, Snapchat’s most notable and attractive feature is that the so-called “snaps” that are sent are only visible for a limited amount of time.

For those individuals who are bored or unhappy in a marriage, snapchat provides both an opportunity to connect with others and a seemingly less risky way to do so. Given the social app’s main feature, it’s not surprising that Snapchat stirs up a lot of suspicion and jealousy among those individuals who learn of its use by a spouse or significant other.

Additionally, the use of Snapchat has also raised questions about what types of actions or interactions constitute as cheating. For example, is an individual who sends a sext to someone other than his or her spouse guilty of committing adultery? According to one 2013 study, that was featured in Evolutionary Psychology, a fair percentage of people believe that acts of virtual flirting or sexting are akin to real-life cheating.

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