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February 2016 Archives

Step-parent adoption paused during custody battle

An unusual case has sparked debate in Florida and elsewhere, as one state's courts delve into the definition of what it means to be a parent. The matter has led to the halt of one couple's step-parent adoption while the issue is sorted out in court. The outcome of the case could have an impact on the way that child custody and adoption proceedings are carried out across the nation.

Proposed change to Florida child custody law sparks debate

Florida parents should be aware of a piece of proposed legislation that is soon to go before the state Senate. The bill seeks a change in child custody rules that would force judges to apply a shared custody structure to all cases. While there are provisions that would allow a judge to deviate from a 50/50 child custody award, the main point of the bill would be to begin from a position that shared custody is the outcome that should result from most cases.

What is the number one predictor of divorce?

Many Florida spouses have lived for years with a partner who seems to have little regard for their feelings, opinions or perspective. This can wear away at a marriage over time and can lead many spouses to consider filing for divorce. At the heart of this type of marital distress lies contempt, a nasty blend of anger and disgust. According to researchers, marriages in which there is contempt on the part of one or both spouses are far more likely to end up in divorce than those where contempt plays no role.

Is it possible to go through a divorce and not know about it?

A woman who has been married for 20 years was recently shocked to find out that her husband sought and obtained a divorce from her in a foreign country just months after they exchanged their vows. She is now suing to have that divorce nullified. Many Florida readers would not be shocked if the wife's next step is to initiate a divorce here in the United States.

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