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Millionaire couple fighting over divorce venue

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2015 | Divorce |

For most Florida residents, the venue in which their divorce will take place is not an issue of contention. That said, there are cases in which a couple’s residence is not so cut and dried. In these instances, there is often a choice of jurisdiction, and one venue may be far more advantageous to a spouse than another. Such is the case for one wealthy couple who are at odds over where their divorce case should be heard.

The case centers on a businessman and his socialite wife. The couple have homes in several countries, including the United States. When the husband filed for divorce, he did so in Monaco, where the divorce laws favor his interests. The wife filed paperwork in the United States, asking for an emergency order preventing her husband from selling off their valuable art collection. That request was granted, and the various works of art will be kept off the market until the matter is resolved.

Now, the spouses will battle over where their divorce case should be heard. In making his case for Monaco as a jurisdiction, the husband has produced photos of his wife’s closet in their residence there. Those photos show an impressive array of clothing, shoes and accessories, all of which the husband claims are evidence that the couple reside in that location. The wife’s legal team asserts that the property is nothing more than one of many vacation homes.

As this high profile case moves forward, Florida readers may learn more about the lifestyle of this very wealthy couple. In cases in which international jurisdiction plays a role, matters can become very complicated in a short period of time. These spouses may continue to fight over where their divorce will be heard for some time to come, as that determination will have a great deal of impact on the resolution of the matter.  

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