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Flexibility is a key component within a mediated divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2015 | Divorce |

For couples who are seeking an amicable and efficient means of ending their marriage, mediation may offer a good solution. A mediated divorce can bring a number of benefits to Florida couples, but one of the most impactful is the high degree of flexibility that can be employed within the mediation process. Couples who take this approach will have the ability to focus their efforts on reaching solutions, rather than winning battles.

Flexibility is key for couples who share children, and they will need to create and maintain a new type of relationship after their divorce. By working out a parenting agreement that is acceptable to all parties, couples are able to begin their co-parenting relationship in the spirit of collaboration. This not only gives parents a “practice run” at working through differences of opinion; it also provides an excellent conflict resolution example for children. Kids pick up on tensions and animosity between their parents, and they can learn great lessons from watching their parents work together to make sure that their interests are taken care of, even as the family structure changes.

Parents who are able to work through the details of a divorce settlement are well-prepared to deal with the many co-parenting issues that will arise as children grow up. For example, an older child might want to go on a week long vacation with a friend and his or her family, and may also want to go to a week of summer camp. This can throw a big kink into summer visitation plans. Parents who are already able to work together will be able to handle this type of unplanned deviation from the parenting plan and can likely find a way to allow the child to have a great experience, while also ensuring that both parents receive plenty of time during the rest of the summer.

Mediation will not work for every couple, but it is an approach that has a great deal of merit. Florida spouses who are preparing to divorce should consider whether a mediated divorce is a good fit for their unique set of needs, and discuss the matter together. When it is employed by two people who are committed to working through their differences outside of a court of law, mediation is a powerful tool.

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