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Child custody dispute leads to mother’s arrest

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Child Custody |

A lengthy and bitter custody battle has left one mother in police custody in Florida while her two teenage girls remain missing. The child custody case centers on an accusation of parental alienation, which has become a highly contested term in several recent court cases. As of the time of this report, two teenage girls remain unaccounted for, and their mother is jailed and facing serious criminal charges related to their whereabouts.

The mother and father began fighting for custody of their five children in 2011. The mother claims to have been the victim of domestic violence, and she has asserted that her former husband was also abusive to the couple’s two teenage daughters. None of those allegations were substantiated, which left the court unable to act on those assertions.

A psychologist interviewed the family, and issued a report stating that the mother had acted to brainwash the children into believing that they had been the victims of abuse. Both parents were ordered by the court to cease contact with the children, and the two teenage girls were placed into the care of an aunt. Less than an hour after police delivered them to the aunt’s custody, the girls ran away.

In a hearing months later, the father was granted full child custody rights in the matter. As of the time of this report, officials have no idea where the teenage girls are located, but believe that they are being shielded by a “network” of individuals who are acting under the belief that the family court system is corrupt. Meanwhile, the mother is now facing extradition from Florida and serious criminal charges in the matter, and will go before a court based on allegations that she has acted to hide the girls.

Source:, “Mother’s arrest brings Lakeville police no closer to missing girls“, Brandon Stahl, Oct. 21, 2015