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Looking for ways to ease the property division process?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2016 | Divorce |

For some Florida spouses, the prospect of dividing marital assets is a source of dread. In fact, many couples remain married for years after it has become clear that their marriage is doomed, simply to avoid the property division process. One European entrepreneur has taken a novel approach to easing the process of dividing marital assets. While still in the early stages of development, his concept could eventually reach American shores.

The idea is simple: design and build a home that can be easily divided in half if and when the couple in residence seeks a divorce. His concept is based on a floating house, similar to a houseboat. Created of carbon fiber, the structure is actually comprised of two separate homes that are joined together by a connective device. If and when separation is on the table, the residents could simply detach the two sides of the home, and literally float away from one another.

His project is still in the early stages of research and development, although a prototype is expected sometime next year. In the meanwhile, spouses who are seeking a means of dividing the marital home will have to take a more traditional approach. That involves working with a experienced divorce attorney to determine the best course of action.

While the idea of quickly and easily dividing the family home may be appealing, the reality requires a much more complicated property division approach. Determining whether to keep, sell, or buy out a portion of the equity in a home is a complex matter. Florida spouses should take the time to run the numbers on all of the available options before determining a course of action.

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