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Factors Judges Consider for Child Custody Determinations Part 13

Child Custody Factor #13. Divorce and paternity judges consider the demonstrated capacity of each parent to communicate with and keep the other parent informed of issues and activities regarding the minor child, and the willingness of each parent to adopt a unified front of all major issues when dealing with the child when making a child custody determination.

Factors Judges Consider for Child Custody Determinations Part 12

This 20 part series tracks what Judges are required to consider when making child custody and parenting plan determinations to help parents focus on what is relevant to the Judge to effectively present their divorce, paternity or modification case.

Know your options when paternity must be challenged

Establishing paternity is one of the necessary steps that you must take to assert your rights as a father. But, have you ever thought about what would happen if you found out that you weren't the baby's daddy after you had already established paternity? This is a case that isn't all that common, but it does occur.

What can fathers do to more efficiently fight for child custody?

As an active father going through divorce, you want to maintain a strong relationship with your children in the future. Although things will change, there are steps you can take to ensure that you remain a big part of your children's lives.

Fathers' rights: importance of a custody order

When an unmarried couple breaks up, the parties often fail to go through the steps to obtain a child custody order. Many times, they feel that they can handle sharing custody obligations and responsibilities by themselves, without the involvement of the court. However, in many cases, the relationship deteriorates, which can leave one party at a distinct disadvantage if the other chooses to wage a nasty custody fight. Paternity is not the only fathers' rights issue that Florida men must address -- it is also important to obtain a custody order.

Adoption reversal viewed as fathers' rights win

When multiple parties head to court over the care and custody of a child, the outcome is often heartbreaking for the side that does not win. This is especially true in cases where an adoption has taken place and is later challenged. By the time the matter is resolved, the adopting family is often completely bonded with the child, and having to hand over custody can be a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, there are multiple fathers' rights cases each year in Florida and other states where adoptions are challenged and reversed, and where a child moves suddenly from one household to the next.

After a fathers' rights victory, settle into a routine

Struggling over the case and custody of a shared child is not an enjoyable experience. For those Florida dads who are fortunate enough to have their fathers' rights upheld by the courts, settling into a new parenting routine can be a new type of challenge, although a far less stressful one. The following tips are offered to assist dads as they begin to create new routines for the time they spend with their kids.

Results of recent study considered a win for fathers' rights

Every child, particularly those who are middle school-age, experiences a certain amount of stress in their lives. However, the results of one recent study indicate that those children who live in single-parent homes report experiencing more adverse stress-related health symptoms.

When will child support end and let you afford a real life again?

Your buddies invite you along on a golf trip, but you can't afford to go. Your deep-sea fishing boat breaks down, but you can't pay to get it repaired. You found a great deal on a used Harley-Davidson, but you can't put down enough cash to ride it off the lot.

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