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Common questions associated with adoption court

As excited as you may be about the adoption process, don't overlook the fact that this can be a challenging and somewhat tricky process. This isn't mean to scare you away. It's meant to show you that there are many steps you need to take as you move through the court system.

New Florida adoption law focuses on best interest of children

It seems to be human nature to want to protect children from harm, especially when those children are particularly vulnerable. Because adoption hearings are held privately, people in Florida may have taken for granted that the law was looking out for children. However, every year more than a dozen children have been adopted by people whose parental abilities were questioned by child advocates. Those advocates are now rejoicing that a new law may provide more protection for children whose futures are uncertain.

Step-parent adoption paused during custody battle

An unusual case has sparked debate in Florida and elsewhere, as one state's courts delve into the definition of what it means to be a parent. The matter has led to the halt of one couple's step-parent adoption while the issue is sorted out in court. The outcome of the case could have an impact on the way that child custody and adoption proceedings are carried out across the nation.

Fathers' rights win after fraudulent adoption

After a lengthy and difficult legal battle, a father has been reunited with his daughter, and he is working to establish a bond with the child he temporarily lost due to a wrongful adoption. The case has garnered headlines in Florida and across the nation, and it is being heralded as a significant fathers' rights victory. His story also serves as a warning to unmarried men who have not legally established their paternal rights.

Hundreds of Florida foster children need permanent homes

Most Floridians would likely agree that parents provide the building blocks upon which a child learns, develops, grows and achieves in life. Additionally, having a strong and stable family structure helps provide the tools a child needs to succeed in school and, ultimately, in life. Given the significant role that parents and family play in most people's lives, it's especially heartbreaking to learn that, according to the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute; an estimated 397,000 U.S. children "are living without permanent families."

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