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Factors Judges Consider for Child Custody Determinations Part 10

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Child Custody |

Child Custody Factor #10: The demonstrated knowledge, capacity, and disposition of each parent to be informed of the circumstances of the minor child, including but not limited to, the child’s friends, teachers, medical care providers, daily activities, and favorite things.

If a parent in a divorce or other child custody case is an involved parent, it can become evident to the Court through the amount of knowledge that the parent has about the individuals who are an important in a child’s life. To prepare for your child custody case, it is also helpful to add your child’s doctor and school to your favorites list on your cell phone.

A parent in a paternity or divorce case that does not know things such as the child’s daily activities or favorite things shows the Court that he or she does not have a close relationship with their child. If you have been the parent that mainly worked and now are going to be taking a more involved role with your child, start talking with your child more to find out what he or she likes to do, where he or she likes to play and things that are important to your child. If you have a young child that is in daycare, also talk to the daycare provider and your child’s other parent to get more information. Then start integrating your child’s interests into your activities with your child.  

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