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Keep your business safe when divorcing in Florida

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2017 | Divorce |

Unfortunately, divorce affects families in all income brackets. Whether you are a small business owner struggling to make ends meet or the owner of a large, valuable business, you will want to make sure your enterprise remains safe in the event of a divorce.

One mistake our attorneys frequently see is one or both spouses assuming that it will be easy to manage any businesses involved in the divorce. On the contrary, we often see how owning a business actually complicates the entire process.

For example, say a couple is divorcing and one spouse believes the business he or she had before the marriage is safe. In reality, this is not necessarily so. Like personal or marital assets, business assets are at risk in any Florida divorce.

Couples who create a premarital agreement before the wedding can mitigate some of the issues that can arise when divorcing with a business. However, as most of us know, many couples marry without a premarital agreement. Even if this is the case with your divorce, you are not without business protection options.

We like to urge our readers to seek advice from a professional when divorcing with business assets. This professional can be a financial advisor or a divorce attorney as long as he or she understands the unique challenges inherent to businesses and divorce.

The attorneys with our Fort Lauderdale law firm want you to know that you do not have to become a “divorce victim” if you own a business. With perseverance, patience and legal assistance it is possible to protect your business assets all the way through your divorce. Please visit our website for additional information about divorcing with business assets.