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When a person desires to adopt a relative

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Adoption |

All kinds of unique situations can come up within a family. Sometimes, situations arise which lead a person to want to adopt one of their relatives.

Here in Florida, there are special rules related to relative adoptions. Under these rules, such adoptions are subject to a simplified process and are exempt from some of the requirements that typically have to be met in adoptions.

As we note on our page on relative adoptions, Florida law has rules on how closely a person has to be related to a family member they wish to adopt to qualify for these special rules. When a person is considering adopting a family member, it can be important for them to understand if their situation would, in fact, fit under the state definition of a relative adoption.

Now, the abbreviated process for relative adoptions here in Florida doesn’t mean that no challenging legal issues can come up in connection to such adoptions in the state. Among the complex issues such adoptions can involve is the termination of the parental rights of a biological parent. As with other adoptions, what actions are taken in response when tricky legal issues come up can be very impactful for a family that is pursuing a relative adoption.

So, having knowledgeable guidance can be important for a person when they are looking into adopting a relative. Experienced Florida adoption attorneys can advise such individuals on what the process for the adoption would be and can provide them with legal support throughout this process.