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Following the divorce process, men suffer poor nutrition

On Behalf of | May 26, 2016 | Divorce |

A great deal of research focuses on the ins and outs of various types of human relationships. Marriage and divorce are among the most common topics of social science inquiry, and a recent study looks at how changes in marital status affects men and women differently. The results will not come as a surprise to many, but will hopefully lead to awareness of the importance of self-care following a Florida divorce.

More than 11,000 participants were surveyed as part of the study. They were asked to estimate how frequently they ate various fruits and vegetables. The same participants were asked to provide the same estimations four years later. At that time, male respondents who had lost a partner due to death, separation or divorce experienced a 25 percent decline in their intake of fruits and vegetables. Women did not seem to be similarly affected.

There are a number of reasons why men’s nutrition may suffer after a divorce. Perhaps the biggest factor is the fact that in many households, women continue to handle the bulk of meal planning and preparation. After a divorce, men are left to fend for themselves, and their skills in the kitchen may be a bit rusty.

For those in Florida who are preparing to divorce, this research may be of interest. Anticipating a change in family status could give both men and women a chance to prepare for the future. In some cases, those preparations might include figuring out how to maintain a healthy diet during and after the divorce. There are few things in life more important than health, which makes this an important consideration for any divorcing spouse.

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