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Pilar Sanders jailed for violating parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2014 | Child Custody |

Many Florida readers will recall the bitter and lengthy divorce between former NFL star Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar Sanders. The couple fought at length over the custody of their three children. In the end, Deion was given full custody rights, with Pilar granted visitation. The pair were back in court again recently, when Pilar failed to adhere to the parenting schedule laid out by the court.

When Pilar failed to return the children to their father’s care after a recent visit, a contempt of court case was initiated. Pilar choose to attend that hearing without the support of an attorney. When asked certain questions, she answered simply “I stand mute.” In addition, she made it very clear to the court that she was there only under duress.

Few details were given concerning how Pilar explained her failure to adhere to the parenting plan that was outlined within the couple’s divorce agreement. Whatever her response, the court found her guilty of contempt, and she was sentenced to a week in jail. In addition, the judge also modified the existing child custody order, ending all of her visitation rights until further notice from the court.

For those in Florida who have gone through a contentious child custody battle, it is important to understand how to reach a more favorable outcome than may have been initially achieved. It is possible to reapproach the court to ask for an augmented parenting schedule. Doing so, however, requires careful planning. Acting in a manner such as that chosen by this former NFL wife is unlikely to yield positive results, and could even make matters worse.

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