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Avoiding publicity during a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2014 | Divorce |

Florida residents know that divorce is stressful, but it can be especially difficult when a couple is facing media inquiries and negative publicity during the divorce process. A banker with the Jefferies Group, Sage Kelly, is currently in the process of a divorce from his wife. Facing serious and public accusations from her concerning drug and alcohol abuse, he resigned from his position as a prominent investment banker. 

Mr. Kelly has been on a leave of absence since the reports of his wife’s accusations were leaked to the public. These reports also named other executives of the firm and attracted so much attention that some executives at Jefferies Group volunteered to submit to drug tests. The very public nature of this divorce, and its impact on the investment firm, underscore the benefit to very wealthy couples to divorce quietly. A divorce can bring out information and vitriol that have the power to financially ruin one or both parties.

It is important to consider the proper legal protections, both before a marriage and during divorce proceedings. Florida couples in a high-profile divorce may find that it is preferable to seek protection from a privacy seal during the court proceedings. This may prevent either party from intentionally leaking information that can damage careers and reputations.

A divorce can be a complicated process and one that can take a personal toll. The accusations faced by Mr. Kelly, whether they are factual or not, underscore the tactics that could be used by contentious parties during a divorce. In Florida, an experienced family law attorney can help navigate a high-profile divorce as well as strive to keep critical information private. 

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