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The key to an uncontested divorce is a quick, easy and painless divorce without conflict. In an uncontested divorce, the lawyer will either represent the husband or the wife, but not both. The attorney cannot advise the party who is not being represented. In cases where the other party is pro se, the lawyer can meet with both parties; however, it will be made clear that the attorney cannot give advice to the spouse who is not represented. See collaborative divorce if you are interested in one attorney mutually representing both parties.

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The Uncontested Divorce Process

The Fort Lauderdale uncontested divorce lawyer will work with the spouse who is being represented to review essential issues in your case and prepare all documents to initiate your divorce. The attorney will work with you to prepare a proposed marital settlement agreement to present to your spouse. The marital settlement agreement that the lawyer prepares will cover all issues to finalize your divorce such as the distribution of marital assets and liabilities, designation of nonmarital assets and liabilities, child custody, child support and spousal support/alimony considerations. Once the agreement is finalized and both spouses sign the agreement, the Fort Lauderdale attorney prepares the required documents to finalize your divorce, files all divorce pleadings on your behalf and schedules the matter for a five-minute court hearing for an uncontested divorce. The judges in Broward County and Palm Beach County, Florida, only need five business days' notice to hear a final hearing for uncontested divorce.

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