Understanding Divorce Law Terminology

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Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Rebekah Brown-Wiseman has helped clients in divorce law matters since 1998. Recently, certain divorce law terminology was abandoned or changed to reflect changes to divorce law. For information about new divorce-related terms and how they may apply to you, contact a Fort Lauderdale attorney today.

New Divorce Terminology

Significant changes have been made to Florida divorce law that applied to divorce, child custody, alimony and other areas of divorce law. The following is a list of divorce-related terms that have changed by statute:

  • Visitation: The old term "visitation" has been substituted to "time share" to indicate that each parent spends time with the minor child, and that neither parent merely visits the minor child.
  • Special equity: This term was used to describe a situation in property division where one spouse gave nonmarital contributions toward the purchase of a house or other property, thus complicating property division due to unequal ownership. This is now known as "justification for unequal distribution of marital assets."
  • Primary and secondary residential parent: In child custody, these terms suggest that the role of the primary parent is more important than that of the secondary parent. These terms were abandoned and have not been replaced.

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