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If your health deteriorates, not only do you suffer, but family and close friends feel your pain as well. Even when your family wants what is best for you, it can be difficult to impossible for them to implement your wishes if you do not do some advanced planning.

Should you become incapacitated, you have the legal right in Broward or Palm Beach County, Florida to designate a competent adult to make all health care decisions for you. Contact a Fort Lauderdale lawyer to prepare the legal paperwork for you to designate a "Health Care Surrogate" of your choice. The health care surrogate provides informed consent for health care decisions on your behalf. It is the health care surrogate's duty to make health care decisions that you would have made under the circumstances. In the event that the surrogate does not know how you would decide, the health care surrogate can make a determination based upon what he or she finds in your best interests.

You can not only designate a health care surrogate, but you can also provide your health care surrogate with advanced directives, which are basically instructions for the health care decisions that you would make under certain circumstances.

Your family and close friends love you and when it comes to dying, it is an emotional time for everyone. If you have designated a family member or close friend to be a health care surrogate, the medical decision regarding your death is exceptionally difficult. The process is often easier when you have a living will. In Florida, you have the right to require that your dying not be prolonged if you have a terminal condition, end stage condition or are in a persistent vegetative state, with no reasonable medical probability of recovering from such a condition. A living will allows you to direct the provision, the withholding or withdrawal of life prolonging procedures. In the State of Florida life prolonging procedures not only include the administration of life-sustaining procedures of implementing a do not resuscitate such as placing you on a respirator but also includes the provision of food and water if desired in writing by terminally ill patients.

Making a determination for your health care is a very important one and you should only execute a living will, designate a health care surrogate or prepare advanced directives after careful consideration. Contact an attorney at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Law Office of Rebekah Brown-Wiseman, P.A. if you are ready to proceed at this time or just want to further discuss your rights and options regarding a living will, health care surrogate or advanced directives.